Saskatoon to Winnipeg Return – October 2018

Dull and somber are the skies

Our last minute decision to go to Winnipeg

One week before heading down south

This fall of 2018

Gas pump won’t work so find one that does

Geese flying overhead

Crops in the field

We’ve been driving for miles at 110 km/hr

And then the sign says “Construction ends”

When did it start?


No wonder people are frustrated

Landscape looking barren forlorn

Trees shedded

Most birds gone

Only one combine in field

Now most crops are in the bin

They already had snow

Raining in Lumsden

Now sun shining in as Regina looms

Complete standstill on Ring Road

Don’t follow the gps

And take Victoria Ave to Hwy 1 East

Green cloth covered bales

Sloughs and more bush

Crops are off

We eat our turkey sandwich

Skiff of snow in the ditch

Someone’s woodpile is ready for winter

A long line of wind turbines

Stone house by Moosomin

Five hundred gallon tank

Like we used for purple gas on the farm

Self-propelled sprayer heading for the fields

Elkhorn; we are in Manitoba

And did see a field of elk

First oil derricks by Virden

Lush valleys; trees with leaves

Portage La Prairie may be on a

Major Migration Fly Way

8 degree pretty fall day

Flat farmland surrounds Winnipeg

And now we are in Warren’s kitchen

And my overnight dream:

A woman different than the rest

A nice evening last night

Walked to university pub

Good solid sleep

Warren went to Tim’s for me

Before we were off to his friends

For a four star brunch

Meeting another here from China

Less than a month

Heard stories of a lifetime

From both plus photos

And then a drive through Osborne Village

To the Forks

Walk in the wind and the cold

Through St. Boniface past Marcus’ place

To St. Vidal Mall and a worldly emporium

Home for a lay down

Before bus ride to Olive Gardens with

Best friend cousins

Watch Warren excel at what he does

A ride home for us and he on the bus

Visit before bed

Walk and talk to Tims at 8 am

Phone visit with Sierra & Aya doing gymnastics

Mya with oatmeal playing tickle tickle

Blowing kisses as Barbara fills us in

A Stella’s brunch and a heritage

West Broadway walk

Last visit with good-byes

Portage la Praire

Zero degrees and flurries

And then the slush

And white everywhere

And a car is passing us too close

And loses control

As we brake and watch

The back and forth slide

Until she comes across in front of us

Nose into ditch

And we get by

I had a front row seat

And watched Bob’s great driving skills

We stop for gas to be on safe side

Unsure what’s ahead

Would be a weather advisory day

Half hour out of Brandon

Temperature drops to minus two

But highways still wet

Best is it’s no longer snowing

Scenery like Christmas

White on the evergreens

And then it starts again

Sleet and slush – wind blowing

Sideways snow sticking to the highway

Before Brandon worst is over

By Saskatchewan roads are dry

Snowstorm gone

Dull grey sky and minus three

Safe driving conditions

And closer we come to home

Blue skies, sunset

Migrating geese, antelope in the fields

And I read the whole book

Mastery of Love.


October 2018


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