62. Itch

     We totally enjoyed our trip to Europe last spring.  We were on a bus tour and the best part was meeting people from all over the world and getting their perspective on what we were seeing and learning.

     We finished off the tour in London, England; made our way to a train station and took off to see our friend in Manchester. We were staying at her place for three nights and then off to Ireland.

     We had deluxe accommodation at her home as she gave up her huge bedroom with like a king size bed and she had laid out these big fluffy towels.

     She had a lovely fluffy housecoat hanging on the wall and said feel free to use that if I wanted. The first day there I had a shower and used the scrumptious housecoat.

     The next day as I was ‘up and at em, dressing for the day, I noticed a couple of bites. Later that day a few more appeared.

     Each day mor. We left there; went to Ireland by train and by then the itch had started. By then, it wasn’t a few; more and more bites were appearing.

     The only thing I could think of was maybe spider mites were in the housecoat that had been hanging on the wall of the house that was more than two hundred years old.

     We did not stay long in Ireland. I was home within a week; I had one hundred bites by then. My doctor swears it was bedbugs.

     I cleaned everything in my house. More than one time. Cleaned it again and again just to be sure. They all went away.

     It may or may not have been bed bugs but I do not want to ever experience the itch again.

    The hardest part for me was letting my friend from England and my relatives from Ireland know that I had the bedbug experience so they could do what they needed to do.

                                       February 27, 2012 Ten Minute Writing

—-Ellen Sagh

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