25. Putting It Out There

This week I sent out an email to family and friends and I titled the subject: “MORE THAN A CHRISTMAS LETTER.` The body of the email went on to say: “Happy to be writing You! We are enjoying our time down south. EXCITEMENT galore as children and two of our grandchildren will be here next week for holidays. Our grandson just had his nineteenth birthday.

Big time year for us as we celebrate ten years of living together. We are going on a big trip.

Before I tell you about that, I want to let you know I completed a big project I worked on for a few years – ANOTHER BOOK – I’m putting it out in a free, usable form; so if someone can get something out of it; or it’s a benefit to others; great. It’s a continuation of life as I lived it. It’s 162 pages; chapter by chapter on ellensagh.com website under PART III – BEYOND UNDERSTANDING The first books are on the same website under Part I and Part II.

Hope you have a great holiday season and we get an update from you about what’s happening in your life. The next time you hear from us may be our trip notes about this upcoming holiday that is so far west; I guess it’s far east; namely Vietnam, Cambodia & Malaysia December 24 – January 20th and then it will be 2018 . Till then, JOY!“

I felt fine until the emails were gone and then I went through days of body pain and a few sleepless nights as I go through the vulnerability of putting my life out in public again. It helps that many people respond with great things to say.

This third book out in the world is finishing a project started a long time ago. I was inspired by the sight of a two inch binder of songs that tell a story. The songs also tell me something far greater than me allow the words and music to come as well as ideas on how to share with others. Feedback indicates the books, poems and songs are appreciated by others.

As mentioned thoughts of this writing group has inspired songs for me. Today, I`d like to sing one that speaks to reaching out. The first verse is about reaching out to myself; the second verse to my honey when we were moving from dating to commitment; and the third verse is reaching out in everyday life.


And you know how much I really love you ,Even though I see the pain in your eyes

I’ll give what life offers to you, I need acceptance and no more lies.

Reaching out, reaching out tentatively Reaching out reaching out tentatively.

Sweetheart is what I’m really asking, Gently moving to another plane

Hearing from each other much more often, Loving let it begin.

Reaching out, reaching out tentatively, Reaching out, reaching out tentatively.

Have to live my life sharing what I’m thinking There can’t be no more holding it in

I’ve practically grown as a woman My heart opened; my eyes no longer dim.

Reaching out reaching out tentatively, Reaching out reaching out tentatively.

Thank you for listening.          December 11, 2017


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