81. A Colorful Summer Experience

                                                 On a weekday morning as I watched my hubby standing at the end of the bed getting ready for golf,  I saw a BEING IN WHITE LIGHT in the far right corner of the bedroom. 

                                                 I told him I was seeing white light and pointed where I was seeing it; saying it was not his I was seeing; as sometimes I see people`s auras.   I knew what I was seeing.

                                                 I was seeing the figure of Jesus.  The white light BEING was near eight feet tall; as it was near touching ( I cry as I write this) the roof of the bedroom.  I knew it was Jesus as when I was little Mom and Dad had a statue of Jesus with a red outfit and a red heart on his chest and his hair was long and brown.  That same long hair and body shape was the BEING IN LIGHT altho it had it`s hands stretched out.

                                               I did not tell him I was seeing Jesus.  I told a friend several days later; then another friend and then my hubby.  Now I tell people if it seems relevant and today I debated about writing about it as I would be telling you.

                                                 I am okay with that.
November 4, 2013

—-Ellen Sagh

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