54. Most Exciting Golf Moment

Dad was a golfer after retirement. I asked if he’d take me out the summer of 2005. I wanted to learn the game. We golfed five or six times before I met Bob in September that year. Bob had a handicap of about eight; meaning a very good golfer. Me not so much. He was fine with that and suggested we’d golf courses around the countryside; see some of Saskatchewan; enjoy a Sunday afternoon and that’s what we did.
I did get better and in the summer of 2007 we were at the beautiful Delisle nine hole course not far from Saskatoon. I was stepping up to the number eight tee box when Bob said, “I think we should think about living together!”
Well my golfing went out the window those last two holes but it’s still my most exciting golf moment as of this moment in 2020.


-Ellen Sagh
summer:  306 382-5204
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