71. What is it About Chocolate?

                                               I think chocolate is probably the reason for my first lie. Mom always asked us as we ran in from the school bus, “And how was your day?” She seemed to listen to the one of us who had the best story to tell. I now hear myself coming up with that line as the reason for the lie. 

                                                  Well, that day in Grade one, I came home and said, “A boy in my class gave me a chocolate bar and when my brother asked,“What kind?” and “Where is it?” and then, “He did not!” and they all knew I lied.

                                                  They never let me forget it. I don’t know that I lied very often after that but I had an aversion to chocolate. I actually told people it gave me hives. Now, I don’t know if it did or whether that was a lie.

                                                  I did not eat chocolate or very much of it anyways until a few years ago. I might have had it through the years but a very limited amount.

                                                  I like a Jersey Milk Chocolate Bar, an Oh Henry Bar and would not say no to a Caramilk Bar. Last night I found a Peanut Butter Chocolate type thing left over from Hallowe’en in the fridge and it didn’t last long. Today I had some Chocolate Double Brownie or Double Chocolate Brownie Ice cream with the last piece of Angel Food Cake; a left over from my daughter’s birthday.

                                                  My mouth is watering as I write this so I have now moved from an aversion to chocolate to the sensual enjoyment that many people have known for millennia.

                                                  I think we can overdue some things so I will continue to have chocolate and have it on a few and far between basis so I enjoy it every time. Thank you for the chocolate treat today that came with this ten-minute writing assignment!

                                                                        December 2012

—-Ellen Sagh

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