4. Yes, I Saw a Bird

Yes, I saw a bird

It was when I left my house

Went to the park

Thought I’d find a bench

Just to sit

Contemplate life

And Death

The bird stopped me

It had a song

And then it was there

Plump and fat

Rust in and out

Overtop its head

I had never seen one like it

I stopped and stared

Listened to its song

It was in and out of the pine

And then it was gone

I did walk on

Found my bench

Rested awhile

Didn’t make a difference

Or it might have

Made it home

Had a cry

But, before I left that park

And another one

Now I write

Of another loss

Of physical contact

With my grandchildren

Grand daughters so small

And caring for them all

Saddens me

Not having what we had

So love all we do have

And yes, like the bird

There was a moment

When we saw eye to eye

I guess there was no

Physical connection

And yet did

Did the 113 km wind

From the day before

Send this varied thrush

To my door

A friend sent me her bird sightings

That day on messenger

I told her about mine

Found it in the bird book

Told her of my brother’s death

The day before

She continued sending love

Her partner sent me songs

Friends, songs and birds

Connected for me

As they always have

And probably always will

Yes, I was in a park

Where my grand daughters played

The last time they were here

And I enjoy the memory of

All I held and hold dear

It’s been quite the year

Love and loss

Overcoming fear.

February 8, 2021


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