75. What I Saw Today

What I saw today

Was a half brown bunny

And a sunrise not how I thought it would be

Then I came home from my walk

Saw a wound gaping as the bandage came off

Had to be dealt with and it was

I had to stay in the parking lot

Time to think but mostly

Time to distract myself

As I do

So I don’t have to think

Not sure where this is going

And no one else

In the world does either

But I am enjoying this moment

I can breathe

And isn’t that what I’ve wanted

My whole Life

To Live in The Moment

So What To Do With All This Writing

Time to Share

In the Ways That Are Comfortable

I have much to offer

And finding platforms to do it

That are being freely offered

And I can do the same

Maybe this is the Pay It Forward Time of my life

As I speak out, sing or share in new ways

All I want to say or not

I have choice

It’s OK to BE

Relaxed Restored Rejuvenating Time as I enjoy

This time of sharing with so many in the world

A new and different way of dealing with fear


Love and creativity

Has come to the Fore

And as I write this

A green light

Appears on my Paper

Heart Light

The inner me is here now.

        Five minute writing March 25, 2020


—-Ellen Sagh

summer:  306 382-5204
winter      480 373-1734
writings:   ellensagh.com

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