Moose Jaw Trip Haiku 2021

Moose Jaw Trip Haiku

Seventeen Syllable Poem

Birthday card drop off


Regina Highway

As far as the eye can see

CN train cars moving


What? We do not know

Nine vehicles in sight line

On way to Moose Jaw


February end

Minus twenty-one; same year

Lots of bush; white plains


Raven fly by day

New subdivisions both sides

A six-car garage


Dundurn; Blackstrap hill

Sister-in-law telephone call

Saw three deer grazing


Pass loaded semi’s

Bladworth elevator still stands

Feedlot; sun peaks through


Davidson gas fill

Six Tesla Charger station

Fast Toys for Boys store


Talk about hats; QiGong

Time out of whack; hour difference

Still on U.S. time


Sun shining on chest

Think of past experiences

States border crossings


Arm River; sand hills?

Stream without limits says sign

Chamberlain turn


Hills and valleys, steam?

Great Hills; Lone tree; K & S, Where?

See the sign; ice huts


Buffalo Pound Lake

Provincial Park off road tour

Bumpy road poor shape


Free in for Seniors

Mule deer; grass hills; no snow

Vehicles on ice


Turn around picnic sites

Ski Hill closed; Bales for feed

Bison Range, No hunting


Whole bunch of bison

Porcupine climbing tree

Bark eaten away


Water treatment plant

Discussion about reserves

Birthday card writing


Meet for walk in park

Hockey hotel memories

Church; train station


Walkamow Valley

Five hundred acres; steel train bridge

Seventy-four flood plain


Eighteen-foot-wide trees

Trans Canada trail bird feeding

Walking trails; food cabin


Olympic Size Tour

Character Homes: Armoury

Temple Gardens Spa


Steak Supper Supreme

Canadian Tire ice pick finds

Sixty Fifth Birthday


Days Inn Hotel Sleep

Bacon, eggs easy over

Antelope good-bye


Speak of future plans

What for; all out of control

Enjoy the moment


Signs laying in the field

Ice Storm? Don’t have snow we had

Teddy bear dolls gifted


Something like Prairie Grouse

North of Chamberlain

Snow and drifting snow


Serenity Cove

More visibility; Craik

A white winter still


Rose Colored Glasses

Thinking about the vaccine

End of life issues


Lots of life to live

Dancing what interests me today

Take tennis’s place


Do what we can; want

A feast from the universe

Gas up; home, unpack.

Feb. 27, 28, 2021


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