47. Stocking

When I heard the topic of the week, I heard it as “What’s in your stocking?”

I immediately thought my foot. My thought process then jumped to Christmas and I wondered what I could write about as I have never had a Christmas stocking. It did cross my mind that I could choose to write about something totally different like about my feet or socks but could not get inspired.

I then had a memory of my aunt taking a stocking and making a mustard plaster and wrapping it around my sister’s neck when she had a sore throat.

I also thought about the fancy nylon stockings I saw grown ups wear; some with a line in the back that was interesting watching someone get into and try to keep it going straight up the back of their leg. I already told you about being a pre-teen and not having fish net stockings when they were in style and all the other girls had them.

I was totally excited the day I was to wear my very first pair of pantyhose.  It was a recital and I was going to play one song on a piano in a huge hall and I was more excited about wearing pantyhose than I was nervous about playing my piece.

I have never spent more time thinking about Christmas stockings than I did this week. I would think my piece of writing could be about what I wanted if I were to have a Christmas stocking. Nothing comes to mind. I must have more than I need.

I thought about taking a poll. The people I did ask were parents. Besides the Christmas orange, the peanuts and candy; Christmas stockings were filled with things they probably would buy anyway for their children like socks, toothbrush and a small toy.

Today I thought I was saved. The CBC radio station I was listening to; meaning the Canadian Broadcasting Station spoke of their website where each famous personality had a different type of stocking. I thought, “YEAH, I can go in and check that out and be able to write a story for my new American friends about what Canadians would put in a Christmas stocking.”

I have now run out of time. I can’t figure out their website so I guess my stocking story has come to an end.

No. I am sitting in a colder climate wearing my hubby’s blue woolen stockings thinking of each of you.

December 10, 2011

-Ellen Sagh
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