98. Story About Green

My favorite color and why

Came out as a song


I want you to know that I love the color green

It’s the prettiest color that I have ever seen

I want to tell you why

It sometimes makes me cry

It’s my heart talking out loud to all of the likes of you.


Green is about growth and the making of all things new

It’s all about love and giving in all we do

If it comes from the heart

Then that’s a very good start

I want my life to reflect what is going on inside.


Our essence is connected to the transcendent One

I used to believe it was the father and the son

Now I know it’s just not there

It’s all around us in the air

And we bring it into us whenever we are in the sun.


Green is the color of the chakra energy

The centre of our chest  is more than gravity

The heart opened wide

Has no end of love inside

We can give it away as we sort out what is right


What is right for us; for others is just wrong

Because of our past; sometimes it is hard to get along

If we listen to what’s inside

As we go along for the ride

Hopefully living in love and living in the light.

                                       January 27, 2014.

This was to the tune of; and I thank the author of song “Six days on the road and I’m going to be home tonight.”   (think it is Dave Dudley)

—-Ellen Sagh

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