33. A Charity Event


Turns to disappointment

Friend can’t come

Cause she’s sick

Mighty fine replacement

Becomes our mighty captain

Dress up Warm

$20.00 here, $20.00 there

$20.00 everywhere

Brunch delight

Directions extraordinaire

To our carts

Clothes on

Clothes off

Rain deluge

Not once, not twice

Thank goodness for trees

Golfing enjoyable

Four hours later

Still a few holes to go

Laughing our way around

Missing our friend

Filling the banquet hall

Our “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Theme songs

Lead us to the buffet

Turkey, dressing and all

Sticky Toffee Pudding

And Strawberry Shortcake

Balloons and a Beach Theme

Remind us why we’re here

For Ronald McDonald House

And Director says

$28,000 average spent by parents

In first three months

Following a diagnosis

Prizes from 50/50

A Wine Surprise

Raffles and great golfing

Head home for bed

Some slept sound

Some slept horrible

Everything an effort for some

Others off and running

Breakfast chatter

All are laughing

As carts scatter

Behave is said

We don’t want no more stories

About you is heard

Three drives each

No holes in one

Not even closest to the pin

Some close to line

Even if not champions

We are

Champions for the cause

Similar to last year

Raised $69,000.

Thanks to organizers

Of this 34th year

And as we eat

A scrumptious lunch

Prizes awarded

Volunteers applauded

Sponsors Same

For a Fun Filled

Summer Giving Event

June 24-25, 2019


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