40. Dorothy in my Dream

Met a young woman in my dream less than a week ago

I was making something new out of something old.

          That’d be me.   dododo That’d be me. dododo



She’s a girl from beyond the grave gone for thirty-five years

Curly black hair, same old smile kind generous no fears.

          That’d be her. Dododo That’d be her dododo


That’d be me working so hard making something new again

All we had was second hand so much happened before I was ten

          That’d be me dododo That’d be me dododo


In my dream I’m cleaning up so love I saw my sister

I recognize her mischievous smile; like I can’t resist her

          That’d be her dododo That’d be her dododo


Don’t need to know my history I lost those memories

She was here to let me know this week she welcomed my friend.

That’d be us dododo That’d be us dododo


What I’ve learned is how to hear dreaming the beyond

Helps me accept what is, what was and now can carry on.


          That’d be us dododo That’d be us dododo

                                                          Oct 2-6, 2019

-Ellen Sagh
summer:  306 382-5204
winter      480 373-1734
writings:   ellensagh.com

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