171. Engineer in Concert

                  ‘Under the Boardwalk’ is a song sung by the pickup band that showed up in my driveway on Saturday. I seem to be doing only things I love so am not feeling like an actor in my life. I am the engineer in concert with that universal energy some would call God that is creating my life these days. I seem to have all I need as you’ll see by the following examples.

                The house next door to me has an orange tree. The neighbor told me to pick as many as I want.  I can use some extra Vitamin C these days. I have a lemon tree and although not as many lemons as other years I will have what I need for the season.

                Today, my sister appeared at my house bearing six grapefruit that has my mouth watering. and I’m grateful.

                This abundance reminds me of the tangerine type oranges that we received in a little brown bag at Christmas time. A time of love, giving and sharing; exactly what is happening again at this time of my life.

February 2018 – Ten Minute Writing – (story is to use the words: boardwalk, engine and tangerine.)


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