68. How I Want to Be Remembered

As a kind and generous person; who stood up for what I believed in.  Who cared for others, took care of self. Was fun, could take a joke or make one without hurting others.

Who lived to my true potential, giving back to society or assisting someone less fortunate as others did for me.

Who used my gifts and talents and continued to learn.

That I was there for my children and others with unconditional love; well to the best of my ability. I have a little doubt as to how well I accomplish that.

That my grandson enjoyed some of the things we did together.

That my honey bunch knew he was the joy at my side.

Knew that people meant more than things.

Or that money means little if you have not taken care of yourself.

And that love is not love until you give it away.

I want for others the freedom I have found

To be who I am is enough. 


Dec 3, 2012 (day before my grandson coming to Mesa)

—-Ellen Sagh

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winter      480 373-1734
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