1. Leavings

The following are my Writings of the Last While – August 9 – October 17, 2020; inspired by this Book: The Woman’s Spell Breaker: A journal for rediscovering your true nature by Cindy Johnston.

One of my tribe; a woman from Alberta; who I’m unsure I ever met; wrote “Feel the stirring of the wind as Spirit flowing through our lives,” Her name: Diane Linden. Her song, “Crone’s Lullaby.”

I would say, “Feel the Spirit in All of life touching me and know I am Spirit as well. Live my Life Song.”                August 9, 2020

Teachers and Wisdom Activators that come to mind this day: Carolyn McDade, Singer-songwriter, who wrote and sang, “Listen, listen to the voices that beg to differ from the rest.”

A song, “Long May You Run”, by Neil Young; which I rarely sing; but must have heard, came into my head regarding this subject; tells me the story I am running in my head is I haven’t heard from this aspect of myself since 1962; it’s here now and hoping it has a long run. Enjoying life might be what his song is about or it could be to do with living well to old age; knowing the effect my sister’s death from domestic abuse had on me and how it shaped my writing; my need to do something to end abuse continued to haunt me to this day. That girl from 1962 is needing to be heard.

“All creatures great and small;” was a line I heard and CREATURES have been my teachers and wisdom activators; such as birds, and now creatures I see in all I look at; whether human, animal or creatures I see in whatever is before me…….

Trust in myself.

Transient is our Life.      We are Spirit.     August 11, 2020

One who lives authentically:

Speaks up for oneself

Is happy at home

Can be by oneself

Not seeking honors for one self

Lives inner wisdom                         August 18, 2020

I Want Serenity

Peace and


Be okay

With Being

Moved emotionally

Around family.                                          August 18, 2020

Women’s Wisdom Welling Up from Within

Moments are all we have

Explore your dreams knowing each character an aspect of self wanting to be heard

In a relationship we take turns caring for one another.

I am learning, changing and gaining freedom from the wounds of the ages as I let them go.

My body lets them go.                                      August 31, 2020

When I think of honouring women’s wisdom:

Kindness, gentleness and acceptance of the aspects of self I now don’t like; knowing I developed them as I needed; to survive and thrive.

Seven am I am sitting in the sun in the living room. Last night was the pre-full moon. Maybe why we lay awake many hours. Shedding.

Tonight; a Full Corn Moon; learned today from web on phone.

September 1, 2020

Lessons I’ve learned I can think of today:

Open my heart to the world.

Song I may write

How little I changed over the years. Wanting action. Writing. Journaling, Emotional, Spiritual, Thinker, Wise, Physical, Exercise, Taking Classes, Finding New Ways to Take Care of Myself.

Yoga, Bike, Counselling, Mix Bread, Bake Buns, Talk with Friends, Music, Being with Women and Men.

Beautiful times with children and grandchildren

Putting my writing out there – then and now.

OK in the Darkness and the Light – Downstairs for Morning Journaling – Open Cabin – Cabin at the Lake Feeling

Open Window – Smell of Harvest as I do Yoga

Wrote 3 books; on the 4th

3” binder of songs and poems 1995-2019

NOW: 1” red binder is full – Purple Cover “Covid-19 – Our Way”

January 6-August 16, 2020; Birthing what can go out to the World.

Placing it all and It All Can.                                September 4, 2020


Have Been in the Deep and Like Doing a Life Review since the near death in our home earlier this year, my brother-in-law’s death and the terror experience re Saskatoon gangs in June. Had me in fear and grief and wanting to stay home and look within; finding my answers; finding HOME. I usually spend five to seven am; when closest to essence allowing the emotion.                                             September 8, 2020

Living Life Is an Adventure

Showing Up. Doing yoga on my day off of nothing planned. My new ideas or looking back at something I wrote long ago. No idea where it will lead me or go. My imagination and my unexpected emotions of gratitude. All an Adventure.          September 10, 2020


Listening inside for the seed and creating whatever I need.

Joyous Celebrations

Plan a Party to Celebrate Getting Through the Tough Times

Attempt new things like swimming lessons for the terrified led me to kayak in Costa Rica; the snorkeling and zip-lining high in the clouds; walking through the clouds top of Peru’s Machu Pichu.

September 14, 2020

More Choices

Do My Yoga


Eat Good Food

Morning Journal

Connect with Those and All I Love

Dress Up for Me

Restrain my amount of Coffee and Alcohol

Read nurturing ideas

Plan fun

Having things to look ahead to

Golf and Tennis or Biking or Walks

Meditate at least Once A Day                          September 20, 2020


Find Your Songs to Sing

Mix and Match

Not only Mine

Tell the Story of Home

It’s Happening

In All I Do

Choosing Love

In All I Do

Being Me

For You

And Others

It’s Time to Shine


Flying Forth

From All


Purity and Strength


Endless                                                                September 23, 2020

Leavings –Could be Idea for Naming the Writings of the Last While inspired by Book: The Woman’s Spell Breaker: A journal for rediscovering your true nature by Cindy Johnston or could be the Title of last poem or the next poem.            September 23, 2020



Various Stages of


The Trees

On my Bike Ride

OK to Let Them Be

No Photo Needed

Hear the Leaves


As I Sit

On A Bench


On This Paper

In My Memory                                                   September 23, 2020

I am growing before my eyes. Taking more chances. Feminine seeking to open my left eye. Right eye has been open a long time. Sees the wisdom; a Priestess which I called a Priest when I was growing up. An Egyptian Pharaoh comes to mind; a woman in a position of power.

Part of the Universe not wholly there yet. Emerging from the deep.

Drawing on the wisdom of ancestral women who plowed the land; lived genteel lives.

I am ready to take my place sharing the love and truth that are my experience to share.

OVERCOME backwards is Come Over; get to know my best in all I do.

September 27, 2020


I’m ready

I am living it

Loving life

Each moment precious


Allowing the past

To continue to appear

As it does

The healing informs

The Present

Healing Myself

Has been a present

To myself and others.

Taking one more step

Or three more steps a day

Has helped me carry on

When I don’t know the road

Listening inside is how I’ve won

Was a song or poem line from years ago

Another was live my life song.

I’ll Continue

Live the Music inside.                                        October 7, 2020











Allowing emotion






Carry On

Listening Inside

Live the Music                                                    October 17, 2020

Ellen Sagh


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