176. Have it Both Ways

       I’ve been thinking of ways to come to Monday afternoon writing club even though tennis now changed to nearly same time on Mondays. When I found out my tennis starts at 1:15 instead of 1 pm, I was immediately thinking maybe I have time to drop in; hear one story and maybe I could ask someone each week to read my contribution.

       So today I’m asking to have my turn first; hear one other story, leave immediately and be okay with it. Thank you for your nods of assent. Here I go:


Grass is greener

I thought

I said

You thought

I say

I wrote

And wrote

And wrote

Then I sang:

I want

Yes I want

Yes I want

To be loved

I want

Yes I want

Yes I want

To love

Now I do

       March 18, 2019

(Of Note: This is the last Entry to do with the Mesa Writing Club I joined in the fall of 2011)


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