Four Women Road Trip – August 2015

A women’s road trip

4 Friends

Did a Marathon once

Where shall we go?

Drumheller area? Hoodoos?

How to get out of the city?

Catch up re kids, jobs, holidays

If we stop in Kindersley

Have to stay away from the shoe store

Reviewing our golf game, job hunting, career changes

Memories of a six year old’s trip to Calgary

The 50s/60s cars shiny with chrome

No seat belts

We’ve made it to Vanscoy

Breakfast fixings along

Traffic not bad

Met a house going down the road

Passing lanes help the cause

5 Years – how life changes

Grandchildrens’ needs

Rearranging our houses

A big deer with horns just jumped a fence

Right after a heron or pelican soars overhead

Thousands of white butterflies

As we speak of the ailments of the aged in our lives

Family patterns down through generations

Field full of birds; cloud variations

Dandelion drought canola fields

Yellow safflower ditches

First scheduled stop – Kindersley Mall

A new pair of shoes

Muffins, cheese and fruit

On our way again

Spray plane just misses power lines

Over our car

So far, so good, no fighting

Haying complete

Lots of semis

Bull on a teepee structure

Oil wells and combines

Creamy dill popcorn treat

Blue sky and green fields

Alberta has good roads

Cattle country – a lone tree

Hannah; a special friend

A shopping experience with a bathroom

Loving nature’s colours

Browns, greens and gold

Ready for harvest

Scenic rolling hills

Gravel road, cattails, ducks

Now we’re off highway

Small town ball diamond

Picnic tables, saloon, lost in Delia

Back on track

Now that we’re off highway

Incredible views

Fallen over diamond shaped building

Closest I’ve been to a Hutterite colony

Mixed nuts, tomato snack

Jujubes and lots of water

In dinosaur city

Looking for the Emporium


Open the door curiously

Co-op gas up

Horseshoe Canyon selfies

Skydiver falling out of the air

Cow shit smell and realize

We are on the wrong road

Feedlots and pig barns

Storm clouds building

Co-op supper stop

Crows enjoying crab apples

Wind freshens us all

Rain threatens, rumbling continues

Fill me up supper

Liquor run

Crafting envelopes, butterflies

Shaving cream, food colouring


Sweet dreams

Fruitcake for breakfast

Singing thrown in

Walk with black squirrel scampering

Shed break in for ladder roof repair

Bunny visiting photo op

Sister time

Heart to heart conversations

A son helps his mom

A shopping excursion

Olive garden math

Worked out in the end

Pack up and we’re off

Go home a different route

Review our purchases

Ohhh look; the heron

Relationship topics

Growing up pangs

A piano story

Saskatoon issues of the day

Naming the bridge

Remai Art Gallery

Traffic bridge or not

Safety for children

Oyen: pay at the pump

Ups and downs of too much or not enough

Food, alcohol, whatever

Retirement money ideas

Beautiful 20 degree day

Three combines in a row

Rolling blue hills in the distance

Text home for catch up

End of day care phone call

A & W milkshake fix

A beautiful two days

For $ 45.00 each

Not counting the shopping

And speaking of passion

We’re having a sunset


August 17-18, 2015


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