104. Where I Fit

10 Minute writing to question: Were you the Oldest, Middle, or Youngest in Family?

                                                 I was the fourth of ten children.  Although two to eight of the children would be considered middle; I always felt like the oldest; because I was the oldest girl of seven girls.  I had three older brothers and in the times I was growing up; boys did not do work in the house.  They didn’t do much outside either. As the oldest girl, there was no end to housework; doing dishes,  baking, cooking; peeling potatoes; scrubbing floors; always sorting out clothing; helping my mother with younger siblings and I could go on for a month. We had a musical family and that was one way of getting out of chores was to always be ready to entertain at a moment’s notice.

                                                 Today I will talk about being the middle child as I’ve never talked about it; thought about it or considered myself one.  I was.  I always had someone older telling me what to do.  At least I didn’t have to wear the hand me downs as my brothers didn’t have girly clothes.  I also probably did not have hand me down toys; but the best part is probably did get lots of experiences because there were older children in the family.  I would have always had someone to look up to and watch about how to do things; and others to teach me.

                                                 I know I learned a lot about sports because of my brothers. I played football; baseball; kick the can and all kind of games that required many people.  I love sports to this day and mainly through having an understanding and the experience of them.   I played hockey which many women my age never did.

                                                 I also was able to fit into a crowd and get a long with other people and I relate that to being able to get within my family; and having to learn to share.  I was chosen for different things in life such as a culture exchange program as they told me they were choosing me based on my ability to get a long with people.

                                                 I also like that I was on the school bus with lots of other kids and always had plenty of playmates.  My sister is like a best friend; actually, most of my sisters are like that.  I do have different relationships with all my siblings; mostly good relationships and I am proud that I have been able to work through any problems we have had.

                                                 It does surprise me that I am not like any other sibling and most of them are each very, very different.  I enjoy each and every one of them and my place in the family has shaped my personality.

                                                 November 10, 2014

—Ellen Sagh

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