93. Yellow

                                                  Yellow reminds me of the neighborliness of Viewpoint.  A new neighbor two doors down knocked on our patio window and held out the biggest yellow lemon I’ve ever seen.  It was twice the size of a grapefruit.  I was unsure what it was; as it was bumpy looking but it was a beautiful ,bright yellow.  He suggested I smell it and lemon fresh scent radiated 

                                                 I was happy to take it and suggested I might make a lemon poppyseed loaf; and if I did, I would be sharing. The lemon called to me over the next day or two; but I had to wait for my hubby to go for groceries.  Poppy seeds were not in the cupboard but everything else was there ready and waiting. 

                                                 Then the day came when a friend told me her sister was dying and she had to leave tennis early to phone her.   I went home and made that poppy seed lemon loaf. 

                                                 While it was still warm; I wrapped parts of it in tin foil; made my deliveries to my friend and my neighbor and then totally enjoyed the crunchy, light loaf with the sugar and lemon juice drizzled topping.
November 11, 2013

—-Ellen Sagh

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