66. Seventeen Days in Mesa – Nov 2012

Loved the trip down and sharing the trip down with my closest!

How quick we got into our Mesa life; the golfing, walking, tennis

How nice it is to see old friends; to be known and remembered

To be here; no have to’s.

Wondering who will be the president as US has so much power in the world

I never get tired of the sunrise.

Shared my story about a god tree; one in the writing class sees me as a philosopher; a writer of depth.

So lucky to be able to play golf, lunch and tennis today.

Itchy arms; little bumps; too much sun; too hot; hot tub or sauna?

Rethinking my life

Sights and sounds amaze: poplar tree growing inside a cactus tree; 2 huge coyotes loping across the fairway; the woman tells me my ball landed in the sexy grass and when I say pardon? She says, “You’re going to be screwed.”

A 93 in golf; next time a 106; what is that about?

Ducks sleeping beside me; standing up with their head tucked under a wing.

Seeing a fuzzy tarantula; the size of my palm right beside hiking walking path.

Don’t think hiking is for me; or maybe doing three things in one day is too much.

Trying new and different recipes – pork chops with marmalade.

Like a teenager, can lay in bed; watch the stars at night; and our mirrored closet doors have palm trees reflection.

Good phone visit with my son.

Wrote out a Recipe for Thanksgiving.


—-Ellen Sagh

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