173. 2019 Brat Fest  

       When a group of musicians perform together, they want to sound as one. An interesting personal music experience is what our group wanted and hoped for the attendees of the 2019 Brat fest which was a Viewpoint Woodshop fundraiser this past Saturday.

      Our patio band, also known as the Patio Players have been meeting off and on at different patios during the Arizona winters here at Viewpoint.

      Five of the members are brand new this season. We never know who will show. Sometimes we’ve had as few as three or four, sometimes sixteen, once twenty- two and two weeks ago, twenty-six all showing up with differing instruments. On Saturday, the sixteen that came brought guitars, a piano, banjo, dobra, violin, harmonica, a bass guitar, varying percussion and their singing voices.

It’s intriguing to me that we pulled it off. Most had not performed on stage before. Two people that held microphones for singing had never used a mike before. It’s fascinating that so many showed up as we didn’t know who was coming and what songs we might sing. I prepared a list and different ones showed up for the two practices.

     The time went fast and we played many songs. Twenty-seven for sure. It was a live in the moment experience as we were never sure when the organizers were going to break in between songs to organize the twelve hundred attendees eating, the fifty- fifties or the golf cart raffle that many there were waiting to see if they were about to win.

      The sixteen of us on stage took a fifteen-minute break absorbing the atmosphere of volunteers handing out bratwurst and sauerkraut with the pleasing ice cream end to our lunch experience. It had our Patio Players asking if we are now deemed professionals as we were paid with a free lunch.

       Attractive and unusual wood carvings were part of entrancing and beguiling the audience and band members alike to purchase raffle tickets.

       Thankfully, many attending told us they found our music engaging and we were appreciative of their clapping between numbers. As we were jumping from oldies but goodies, to country; the fifties, the sixties and some supposedly easy listening tunes, they may have been curious as to what might be coming next.

Just as in life, when we want to come together as one, all those on stage said they enjoyed jamming out an interesting personal musical experience.

                             February 4, 2019


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