143. Overcome

         I am here. I am enjoying life! I have tears at the thought of writing this. We could call that overcome with emotion. There is much I have overcome and right now not sure I want to write about it. I will write about giving.

        When I was asked to bring something somewhere; I used to; not hate it; but worry over it; be concerned that it would not be good enough; that I would be embarrassed to even put it out; whether it was a potluck dish or to buy something for someone for a gift exchange or any time I was giving something.

        I’m over it. I am beginning to accept we all have gifts and some are gifted in those areas and I am learning in some of those areas. I think dealing with shame and fear and not good enough feelings from the past has certainly helped; but also gaining confidence in where I can contribute has helped the comfortableness of what I bring.

        Being creative helps. Being different goes a long way.  A song or a poem can be a gift.

        As I write this, I realize another area where I struggled was entertaining for the same reasons mentioned above.  Overcome backwards is come over. I will rethink and replace my not good enough feelings around entertaining with the thoughts of come over and get to know my best in everything I do.

         That was to be the end of my story of the day; but then decided I would share that I have overcome my aversion to being in a church setting if we are to call the Viewpoint Fellowship Sunday morning service; church.  I’ve attended several times this fall. It is challenging and I joined the choir even though I don’t read notes. That may be challenging for others.

        The above scenario of being in a church and singing religious over toned hymns today has me singing, and I quote from Wikipedia: “”We Shall Overcome” is a protest song that became a key anthem of the African-American Civil Rights movement. The song is most commonly attributed as having descended from “I’ll Overcome Some Day”, a hymn by Charles Albert Tindley that was first published in 1901.”

          I’d love it if we could sing it together!

                                                        WE SHALL OVERCOME

                                                        WE SHALL OVERCOME

                                                        WE SHALL OVERCOME SOMEDAY

                                                        OH DEEP IN OUR HEARTS

                                                        WE SHALL OVERCOME SOMEDAY!

Thank you.                                     November 21, 2016


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