88. Shoes

                I have a love hate relationship with shoes. I have such narrow feet it has been difficult at times to find a pair that would fit me. I’m sure it would not be difficult if I had the money.

When I was growing up we did not have much money and new shoes were scarce. I believe I wore hand me down shoes from neighbors and friends in my early school years. When I was thirteen it was a day to remember as my cousin bought me a brand new pair of five dollar runners. It was summertime just before school started. I can remember walking down the street. She was sixteen and talking about dating and I was hanging on to her every word.

The shoes were white canvas runners. They probably were the last new ones till I left home and was making some money.

I then bought a pair of platform shoes with multi-straps. The next pair I bought probably were the ones that went with my wedding dress but I don’t remember them.

I mostly bought shoes from second hand stores. Sometimes I’d find the perfect fit. Many times not and I’d have corns on my feet like my mother did. I had my feet sized about ten years ago in a fancy shoe store and paid $270.00 for a lovely pair of shoes. I still wear them at work today. I have very few pair but believe good quality makes up for quantity and my feet thank me.

February 2011

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