118. Glowing With Love

                                                       Glowing with Love. I am curled within myself; lying low, listening inside, singing my heartache, letting myself know the pain inside; the pain gathering in my shoulders, in my throat; the pain that’s been right through me; stored in my legs and toes. It’s moving up and out of me. Layers of gold have protected me and flowers sustained me. Gold are the people in my life; nature, sun, birds, the magic of the universe. I am one strong woman. The apple is behind me and the bird of love I can wear proudly. It is me. The aspect I show the world comes from inside; makes a nice hat; a hat of healing and caring and Christ Consciousness and as I shit, growth of the world happens for those leaving the apple behind. Flowers are the fruit of the earth to fill up on. There’s enough for all. It’s time to sing and make my own music. Soon I will be standing tall and free; no longer curling into myself but the curling into oneself produces freedom as it uncovers darkness and gets in touch with the music inside; the flow.

                                                                        April 7, 2000

“The above piece of writing was inspired by the pictures on the front cover of a new journal.”


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