23. The Color White

I woke up last Friday morning debating about writing my story white. The night before, a woman from Viewpoint phoned me in Saskatoon asking if would golf this Monday afternoon.

I nearly said Yes. It would be an escape. I’m here. I chose not to. I know there are lots of things can be written about white. For me there was only one.

It is the white light Jesus experience I had this summer.

I don’t know why I had it. I do know now that it rocked my world.

At the time it happened, it didn’t. My hubby and I were standing in our bedroom; he at the end of the bed getting ready for golf. I at the side. We were talking. All of a sudden, I was seeing this being in light. It was a He. I knew it was Jesus. Immediately, I told my hubby I was seeing a Being in white light. I did not tell him it was Jesus. It took me a week to do that.

I knew it was Jesus as it was a replica of the Jesus icons I see in the world.

It looked like the statues I grew up with . It looked like the Jesus statue with it’s arms extended that I see in a church yard when I go for a walk.

The being of light that morning was bigger than my hubby or I. It was close to the eight foot tall bedroom ceiling height. It was about the same distance away from my hubby as from me; about five or six feet away.

It felt more important to come here and talk about this than to golf today.

When I say seeing Jesus in white light rocked my world, I know it’s been part of the last few months tumultuous experiences.

I have been in a life review. I left the church and the religion of my childhood and my adulthood quite a few years ago.

I know every moment is sacred and every moment is my church.

The Jesus in white light experience is part of that.
February 24, 2014

10 minute writing experience of a poem with sentence endings in ite or ight written the day I shared the above Jesus experience:

I had to get over my fright
So I could speak about the light
No problem cause it was white
And it was day; not the night.

Today I don’t have a deep insight
It’s okay I’m feeling all right
I love that I could be forthright
As my experience I recite

It feels like it is my birthright
And lots of love I can invite
When I share what has me uptight
Gives me pause so I can unite.
February 24, 2014


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