114. A Place of Interest

        That would be my mind, body and spirit.  It still holds my interest.  One day it may become boring; but hasn’t yet.

       We have a granddaughter; born May 3rd this year; her name is Sierra.  We spent most days seeing her or listening to her mom on the phone.  She is already six months old.

       My brother died in early June and we had that and seven other deaths.

       I have a project going of putting my book one and book two together for publication.

       I wrote the following the other day:

Summer Love

Seeds of happiness

Being sown everyday

Caring for each other

Learning new styles

Of communication

Sending forth


Into the World

Seeds of Understanding

Like election promises

Time will tell

Actions speak

Louder than words

Although mine

Were quite loud

And demanding

Daring survival



As Death is Final

We’re not there

Lots of love

To Be Hold

And Be Held


With Love

For Ourselves

Each Other

And The World.

And then my back became painful till I wrote:

Challenging back issue

Shit from my past

Or is it creativity

Wisdom wanting out

Speaking my mind

Feeling my way

What life do I want?

Crashing through

Creating waves

Of understanding

Constant upheaval

Doing too much

When Time Alone

Calls   Beckons

A New Life

A New Chance

At Freedom

To Hear My Inner Call.

       November 9, 2015


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