157. Endings

     I am here in the sun catching a few rays. Hopefully, I can get caught up on my energy. Sitting in the sun will help. I wonder if I went fishing if that would help me feel refreshed.  As you can tell from my previous writings, I’ve had a bit going on.  That has been the story of my life and I wonder why it would change now. I do notice a lot of endings around me as there is no softball happening outside.  There were no singers practicing below us today.

      For me this is a week of endings.  This may have been my last birding experience of the year.   I went for four hours this morning and saw thirty different species in the Chandler area.  Tomorrow will be the last eighteen-hole golf championship attempt for my flight in the eighteen-hole ladies league. Tomorrow will also be the final editing club meeting I can attend.  Tennis league ends this week with my final 2.5 practice and game. I will be graduating to be a 3.0 player next year. The tennis racket was put to good use.

                                                        March 6, 2017 -Ten Minute Writing –


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