94. The Green and White

                                                 Green and White were the colors of my high school. I was busy in lots of areas of my life at that time. I was skip of the women’s curling team; wearing a siwash sweater that a friend’s mother knitted for me.  A young man who was chosen as class valedictorian and myself were the leaders of one quarter of the school’s teams. We had what was called intra mural sports going on.  Not sure where the words intra mural came from or what it even means but those are the words that came to me this morning as I am writing these high school memories.                                                                                                  Since I was writing this on the computer,  I have google so looked it up. Intra mural means having similar sporting events within an institution or within similar geographical areas.
We had a green yearbook that year with white writing and a white torch on the front.   The picture of my graduation is in there as well as all the different Intra Muralsports teams I joined. They included but were not limited to volleyball, basketball, and badminton.  Interesting that the golf, tennis and pickleball I now play were not part of my teen years.
Green and white are the Rider Nation colors.  Rider Nation stands for all of the Saskatchewan people who get behind the Canadian Football League’s favorite team; the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  We have the greatest fan base and yesterday when I was at my first NFL game ever, it was the Rider green and white that caught my eye; as it meant someone from home was at the same game. here in Arizona.

                                                 Green and white at home symbolizes love of the game; love of the riders; love of the province; and so today, I wear green and white Roughrider socks; to show you that there is no end of green and white that you can buy to show your love.
December 9, 2013

—-Ellen Sagh

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