112. Treasure

A treasure in my life have been my friends.  I have many lifers.   In birding, they will speak of someone who sees a bird for the first time as having received a lifer.   I feel like that when I meet someone I connect with.  As we never know and can never be sure of when or if we will see that person again, at any time that person could be a lifer like the bird.

I, in the past, saw my friends, as lifers that I would still know when I ended up in a nursing home.  I no longer think I will end up there.  Nowadays things have changed to supporting people to stay in their own homes and I like that concept.

I would treasure family, friends and all those I connect with no matter my age as I do now.   Life is so much sweeter when we live each moment at one with our world.

I treasure this opportunity I have to live in Arizona and in Saskatchewan as it allows me to connect with a wide variety of people.  I love that we have the technology of skype, phone and email to stay connected even when we’re physically not there.

I do think personal face to face contact is precious and I treasure those times. Listening and loving go hand in hand and is as important as sharing.  I have shared much in my life. I am now at a place where I’m ready to listen again.  I look forward to spending time now with family and friends I treasure.


10 minute writing – Feb 9/15

—Ellen Sagh

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