87. Casino

I’m not sure I like the word. Does it go back to being in Humboldt; hearing my Dad vent how the senior’s league went from having two hundred show up to having around seventy. Busloads went to the casino. He said casinos made it easy for seniors to spend their money somewhere else. Money and Time.

                I’ve read horror stories in the paper about gambling addictions and the dangers of VLT’s.

I’ve stayed out of casinos. I value my money too much. I worked too hard for it. I don’t believe my chances of winning to be that great although I do win a lot of things.

I had the chance to go to a casino five or ten years ago when I went on my first senior bus trip. I was nearly the youngest on the tour; being around fifty years old. When we got to Kamloops, B.C., I could have a free evening or go to the casino. I chose the long walk by myself; a leisurely supper and an early night.

A few years later I was in Regina at a work event and thought to myself, “Maybe I’ll walk over to Casino Regina and see what it looks like.” I was shocked to see many older women; seniors; sitting smoking; looking glassy-eyed pushing buttons over and over and over.

I walked up and down the rows of machines and very quickly had the feeling, “Get me out of here.” I remember poker tables being there as well. I hadn’t seen them since fairs or exhibitions when I was growing up. There was something like a blackjack table or spin the wheel game. I didn’t bet there either.

I think I’m scared to gamble. The lack of control maybe. Not knowing the ending. How something will turn out.

I did go to one other casino. I remember how fast a $20.00 bill went in and how quickly it was gone.

January 23, 2011

Ellen Sagh

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