134. Monkey

     I am a monkey sitting in a cage looking out at all of You: gawkers.  You, who have nothing better to do today but come wandering around the zoo. You, watching me eat a banana. You, watching me jump around branch to branch. I jump getting my exercise. I have strong arms and strong legs. I use my tail sometimes to catch a branch and make the children laugh.

      I don’t have an ounce of fat on me. I am flexible because I am free to jump and have a cage big enough to run. The kids like me and I like them. Sometimes I am mischievous enough to poke my food through the bars tempting young fingers to come in for a pat.

     I am glad I am entertaining enough that I usually have an audience. I have regulars that have given me companionship and that’s not counting all my custodians, caretakers and the providers of my meals.  They provide me with a clean, open space, watch that I don’t have the mopes and check on my health needs.

      I am not worried about being dropped off like the unwanted, anytime soon.

                                                        January 18, 2016 – Ten Minute Writing –


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