MOM’S SAYINGS (Gramma Nellie)

This won’t buy a baby a shirt!

Or pay for the one it’s wearing

What are you waiting for?

A streetcar?

Are you going to the show tonight?

I see you’re picking out your seat.

What’s the hold up?


Pig’s feet are going up

Bad weeds grow fast


Could be anyplace from soup to nuts and back again.

The bush is full of them

Oh Go To Bed

Lucky it’s not cold in here

Your face could freeze like that

Right with ever sharp

I’m Waiting

Not for a streetcar either


Holy Shoot face

Who died and made you boss?

He doesn’t even stick up for me

And I’m nice.

There she goes again Doctor

She’s heading for the rhubarb

You’re All Heart

She’s too green to burn

Now you’re cookin’ on gas

I’m nice till you blew it

Will you go to bed?

Do you want to live and die happy?

Can’t dance and it’s too wet to plough

You horse’s neck

Mother pin a rose on me

NO rest for the wicked and less for the lousy

Oh Bushwash

Guess what he invented?

Steam engines.

What time does the dance start?

I see you’re cleaning out the hall.

I’ve had the biscuit.

Have you got ants in your pants?

It’s hard to be mad and nobody scared

What do you think this is?

Grand Central Station

Do you sell that by the yard or the mile?

You’re just like a fart in a mitten

You couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag

You thought!

Who made you boss?

Hotter than the hubs of Jerusalem

You’ll get a reward in heaven for this

How is Beth? How is John? How is Saskatoon?

I’m going crazy….wanna come along?

Well I suppose…..


Where do you think it is?   On top of the roof?

You want to send me around the bend

I might as well do it myself

Not now but right now

Now how am I going to pick that up?

I should be doing something….

Just a cup of tea and a piece of toast…

Till Hell freezes over and the devil learns to skate

-Ellen Sagh
summer:  306 382-5204
winter      480 373-1734
writings:   ellensagh.com

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