147. Annoy

         It is great that I struggled to write about the word annoy. Not much annoys me. Insomnia the last few nights has annoyed me.  I think it’s because I’m ready for my next project.

            When I received my finished book in the mail, there was such a sense of satisfaction that I am done and I still have that feeling about it. It was a big project. It wasn’t long until I was on my case about now what are you going to do with it. There is no one marketing it. If I don’t tell people about it, they won’t know about it.

              That is not totally correct. The publisher has an online catalogue that any bookseller and any person on the web has access, so I guess if someone is looking for that kind of book or stumbles upon it; it could happen that they buy it. I’m going to trust that if someone is meant to have it, they will find it.

               There are hundreds of ways to put it out there as in having it reviewed, radio or tv appearances, press releases or social media. I was not into any of those. I did do some things. I celebrated that I wrote it by having nearly one hundred people on a river boat cruise going through my home city of Saskatoon and another twenty joining us at a river side hotel for a meal and celebration. It was so exciting having those close to me part of it.

                  My daughter made up a poster and some bookmarks and when I came to Mesa, I electronically sent those to social service agencies that I used to work with in Saskatchewan. That worked well and I sent more to other agencies.  Then a friend helped send some to psychologists. Following that, when I found a listing of the churches of Saskatchewan; I sent the same to them, suggesting as people have found the book to be a resource for healing, they could copy, laminate or distribute the posters and bookmarks at their next meeting.

                  My newest idea is to record the songs that I wrote when I was healing and upload them to a face book page. My friend made a face book page called Sharon Speaks and it has a picture of the book Ending Abuse. Another friend helped me record the first song and I was able to upload it. Since then I have tried to do it myself and it did not work. That is an annoyance. I am going to ask someone to volunteer one hour a week to do it for me.

                  I sound confident but I do struggle with self-doubt and find it difficult to ask someone for assistance. Sometimes I worry I will traumatize others with the content. Lately I have been waking up with those old songs in my head so I know inside is telling me the time has come to record them; put them out there and live in the present.  It has worked before when I listen to what inside is telling me. I’ll end with one of those old songs that I wrote in 1996 which I think I will title Joy:


             Angel Inside Innocent me

             Here for Joy, Beauty to see

             All night long and every day

             I’ll listen to you let you have your say

             I’ll listen to you

             I know I will find

             Peace in my body spirit and mind

             Angel inside innocent me

             Here for joy beauty to see.

           I am happy to report after I wrote this, I was able to upload another song to the face book page.  I am no longer annoyed.

                                                        January 16, 2017


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