18. Moments in Time

Exploring new ways of meeting sensual needs took place when I was alone for many years. It was that time between my marriage ending and my finding the love of my life. Those years, when I was between thirty seven and fifty had me experiencing sensations similar to what happens for me when music touches my soul. I will talk about music but also other ways the senses feed me.
I like music. I grew up on it. I can replicate the “Lullaby and Goodnight” as I picture my parents singing my little sisters to sleep. I can feel the floor moving my bones as I remember dad’s foot keeping time to his fiddle playing.
With two girlfriends, I tried African dance at the local YWCA. Next we explored different forms of yoga; one where meditation came before we began the practice; another when we joined hot yoga. Seeing the sweat pour off the thirty year old male body in front had me appreciating the human form in a whole new way.
Finding the perfect pure yellow piece of silk for my friend when I knew she’d appreciate it more than anything and to be right was a moment. Walking into the character home that was to be my first home purchase; and seeing the pink glow of the light filled room was another sensual experience I treasure. Seeing the wall of bookshelves lining the fireplace; the mantle for mementoes; the gleaming elegant air returns and knowing I wouldn’t have to put a piece of furniture in this house in order to love it. I was right.
Being in the back yard, savoring a juicy ripe mouth watering peach as it dribbled down my chin and dripped off my fingers added to my knowing my body delighted in sensual experiences. Going for a walk on a piece of land that had never been touched by a plough and while there, sinking into the deep grass, smelling the sage; sinking further. Hearing the grasses swaying as the meadow lark sung; feeling the soft, gentle breeze on my skin is my kind of heaven.
But to get back to music. I will tell you walking in alone to ball room dance lessons had my nerves on edge but fifteen minutes in to it, when a gentleman crossed the floor, lifted his hand and I met that hand with mine as the Viennese Waltz filled the room lifted my spirits. Sailing around the hardwood floor in that expansive room of lofted ceiling, we moved as one between the columns. Floating is the sensation I’ll always remember. Thinking about it knowing I can’t turn back the hands of time but how wonderful that I can appreciate it as a moment in time.
November 6, 2017


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