63. A Dollar Bill in One Day’s Time

                                       I am a dollar bill that was made in the U S of A and is now; at this moment in time; in the possession of a Canadian woman named Ellen Sagh.

                                       I am owned by her and she left me at home in her park model at Viewpoint.

                                       I am safe and secure in the inner reaches of a genuine cowhide gold-colored leather wallet made and bought in Columbia.

                                       I am sitting with one other dollar bill and a five-dollar US bill along with a few colorful Canadian friends.

                                       I, the others and the wallet are sitting snugly inside the cream-colored crocheted shoulder bag that all hang together in my owner’s mirrored closet. We always hope our owner hangs us on the same hanger in the same place as we don’t want to be lost.

                                       I am important as Ellen needs to use me tomorrow to put towards golf prize money in the hopes that one-dollar bill comes back to her in a bigger amount if she golfs really well.

                                       For today I am content to be the dollar in waiting knowing my time will come. I lead a sheltered life, am enjoying a restful day as who knows who will own me tomorrow or what adventures I may have to partake.

                                       I will enjoy this day being cozy, safe and warm hanging out with my friends.  

                                       The end.

Ding ding ding went the timer at the end of the ten-minute writing March 12, 2012

—-Ellen Sagh

summer:  306 382-5204
winter      480 373-1734
writings:   ellensagh.com

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