141. Rover

     Johnny was in front of his dog Rover; on account of Rover injuring the underneath of his outside front paw.  Because of the injury, and notwithstanding the denseness of the forest floor; Johnny took it upon himself to move slowly across the path by means of barring anyone from following since he had skills within and without for tracking silently.

      Someone was moving towards them; which was disconcerting on top of concerning.  Instead of moving towards, he opted for over. Regardless of Rover’s weight, he was next of kin and would not be left behind.

                                                        FEBRUARY 15, 2016 – TEN MINUTE WRITING

OF NOTE RE ABOVE STORY: We were given 93 prepositions and were to use at least 10 in a story about Johnny and his dog Rover lost in a forest. I used the following: instead of, of, barring, concerning, on top of, in front of, to, within, notwithstanding, across, since, without, behind, from, on account of, towards, upon, because of, by means of, following, regardless of and underneath.


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