105. Age

Three themes that jumped into my head when I heard this word were act your age, coming of age and aging gracefully.

               Act your age was my father’s expression.  I heard it often.  It didn’t only refer to me.  He said it to my older brothers as well.  It was usually a reprimand.  It might mean to settle down or stop doing what your doing.   It could mean to grow up; that he expected better from us.

                   Coming of age might mean many different stages of my life.  Probably between ten and thirteen years old when I was told about the facts of life; which was referred to as the birds and the bees. So, prior to menstruation beginning would be my first coming of age.  I am glad my mother explained sexuality as well as she did and gave me and my two sisters a little booklet.  Many friends were told nothing.  I felt a little cheated that my two sisters younger than me were finding out this important information stuff at an earlier age than myself.

                     My next coming of age would be my first dance.  It was before what is a big coming of age event; passing my driver’s license.

                     I am thinking now that I missed some coming of ages when I missed telling you about the sacraments I participated in as part of organized Catholic religion. The first three I can see forgetting as there were so many kids in my family with so many celebrations that it kind of slips my mind. I can’t forget my confirmation as I had a physical feeling of the Holy Spirit entering my body during the service which has never left me and still has an emotional impact.

                     That could be called a spiritual coming of age.

                   My high school graduation, travelling overseas the first time, motherhood, completing my university, standing up to my boss, burying my parents and retiring I see now as all coming of age parts of life.

                   Aging gracefully was and is where it’s at right now.  I would think that is about continuing to learn to love ourselves, each other and the world.  I wrote song in 2011 that speaks to that and I shall share part of it now:

                     Living life easy

                     Living life free

                     Living life

                     As it was meant to be

                     Loving You

                     Loving Me

                     Living with All

                     In Harmony

                     And from a song in 1996

 I trust in the Universal Light

It connects me with my body, mind and soul

It brings me energy and peace

It allows me to reach my goal

That who I am is more than enough

That I am okay just because

I am me and I am okay

I deserve the best, the best today

Here comes the universal light

I feel it in my heart and in my soul

I’ll have all the energy I need

And that’s why I am feeling so whole.

                     The above is One of Forty-Two  songs I wrote in May and June 1996.

                     I’ve had many coming of ages.

                                    November 2014

—Ellen Sagh

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