91. Fear

I have learned much about fear by studying my bodily reactions. My body lets me know what is going on. I can break out in a sweat if I have to confront someone.

I chewed my fingernails when I was young and afraid. Now I can’t but I find myself picking them off at fearful times or when I am stressed out about something.

When I have worry about my finances, my lower back would hurt. When I was afraid of how something would turn out or felt I had no control over it; I would develop a crippling bladder infection.

When the fear was dealt with, the condition would resolve.

When I am in fear of saying the wrong thing and break through that fear to speak some deep truth about the situation, heat will radiate off my back. I call it speaking my wisdom from the well within.

I am grateful that I have overcome most of my fears and grateful that my body has been a fount of wisdom in learning how to do the same.

March 28, 2011

—-Ellen Sagh

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