Mesa to Saskatoon via Page – Spring 2019

9:30 Arizona time

Only 30 degrees

And we’re heading out of town

Good-byes on the street

202 to the 101

And then we don’t know where we are going

An ice cream treat

Coming with us

Greenery galore in the country

Following the wintry rain

Which we missed

During our 50 belows

In Sask and Alberta

Thankful for so much

Our health

Friends and family


We’re on this trip

See the signs

Talking Stick Way

Indian Bend Road

Like a holiday


Great signage

17 North to Flagstaff

And great roads even when under construction

Hearing myself say “eh”

In my conversations with Bob

Just see a woman talking into her cell phone

While driving

Loving the names

Sonoran Desert Drive

Dove Valley Road

Carefree Highway

Daisy Mountain Drive

An Alberta motorhome pulling a car and bikes

A country of saguaros

Brown hills

More green than usual

Red rock-colored overpasses

Mesas in the distance

Adobe style houses

And then all the outlets

At Anthem Way

Guess, The Gap, Calvin Klein and on and on

We’re going by Bumblebee

And Crown King

That have no services

But you can camp at Horsethief Basin

Driving on top of a mesa

All green around us

Like wild grass

Heavy traffic; probably worst part says Bob

From Phoenix to Saskatoon

But double lane highway

Weather is fine

Have to cover arms and legs

Sun burning through the window

So glad talked to both kids

And saw Grandchildren this morning

Sang “skimmeradinkidink, I love You”

To the girls, texted Brett

Haven’t heard how he is

Looked like a foreign land

For about fifteen minutes

England came to mind

So much green

I’m taking a pair of pants in

Sewing by hand

Two days from now they’ll be needed

We are in the pines

Gas and lunch on buns and salad I made

(hope no gas from that)

Wind picked up

Blasts of sand hit vehicle

Snow on mountaintops

22 degrees by the Flagstaff ski hill

We do look at a map

Choose a new route

Will be new to us

We are foregoing Monument Valley

For another time

Dust devils all over the valley floor

At the Grand Canyon turn off

Mounds of green and gray rock

Has me pulling out camera

Sign: Cows next fifteen miles

On this single lane highway

Red cathedral type cliffs

We leave main road

Sign: Begin Daytime Headlights

As we drive straight into a mountain

And circle around it

Up close and personal

And then into grazing land

Sagebrush green

Clump upon clump of last year’s grass

Right above the north rim

Scenic views on Navajo land

Cherry trees in blossom as we come into Page

8 Tesla Chargers at the Marriott Clubhouse

Bathroom stop

Found the downtown after stones

Fly into car

When window down trying for canyon pictures

Could not stand outside

Was sandblasted

Checked out Antelope Canyon Tours Inc

Saw our friend just leaving

For one and half hour tour

$61.90 a couple, twenty-minute drive

Three quarter mile walk

Maybe do some day

Booked solid for next week

Lake Powell here we come

Humungous dam and power plant

Page had eleven churches in a row on one street

Including the Lord’s Gym

An up town high school with lights galore

For the sports stadium

Mostly native children

Walking around the town

And we’re now in Kanab, Utah

Hoteling it for the night

First time in a room with pillars

Family restaurant with Polygamy Porter Beer

After walking by Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints

Church and Family History Hall

And another Beer called Chasing Tail

With Phyllis and Ken who are

Sporting new haircuts

And filled us in on their adventures of the day

“Now that’s just amazing!”

Or “what magnificence,” as we start our new day

Addicted to taking photos of swirling red rock

Carvings and caves but can only open window

Rare occasion as only two degrees

Sun shines and first rain drops

We passed Humboldt yesterday

A Mount Caramel today

Both places of my youth

Black angus bulls

Acreage type living

In a valley of lavender fields

Leaves coming into spring

The Rock Shop in every town

Totem poles

Destination vacation homes

A raging creek

Falling rock signs

Pottery and paintings

Between Bryce and Zion National Parks

Climbing and see first snow under the trees

Not on the road

Speed limit 65 mph

Went from red, muddy creek

To clear cold looking streams

Then fog and snow

A fish hatchery at Hatch

Frequent School bus stop signs

40 mph as minus one degree

And hard to see

Bathroom stop

No to the buffalo elk venison jerky

Saw the thrift shop I stopped in about three years ago

And bought my $1.00 runners

Wore for a long time

Two hundred and fifty miles to Salt Lake City

Cars Coming at us with three to four inches of snow

Piled on top of them

White knuckle drive

On a snow-covered slushy mountain pass

Minus one to minus three to minus five

Eight percent grade going down

Over a two-mile span

With a lit-up animal sign

And up we go again

Cedars on the sides covered in snow

Runaway truck ramp in one mile

Back to the I-15

Winter driving with rain and snow

Beaver sculpture at Beaver

SIGN: Winter driving conditions for the next sixty miles

Pass a snow plow and rock hits window

In front of my face

“We’re ok” I say

Not sure if a nick or not

Least of our worries right about now

In this white out ahead

And to the sides it lightens a little

And I can see green grass covered in snow

New appreciation for people who live in mountains

And truck drivers delivering our fruit and veggies

Seven days a week

And we’re back in the green

No snow or rain

One degree

And get a deep breath

Mistook a bird for a plane

It was so big

Bob had said “I just want to go home”

So many times, in the past few weeks

And when he said to Ken and Phyllis

“See you on the other side”

Before we went through the mountain passes

And meaning meeting up after Salt Lake City

My thoughts hope no symbolism there.

As Salt Lake City was like a race track

Road work so out of the express lane

Rain and semi back wash better than snow

Then back into the express lane

And then we’re out and twenty-five miles away

The continental divide

In Idaho

And it’s quite a nice day

For awhile

Snow falls

Poor visibility and then police lights

Sign says: “wreck ahead”

White car slammed into a bridge

We’re behind a semi

Track through the slush

Half hour to go to where we’re stopping for the night


First time in our sleeping together

We slept on the wrong side of the bed

After our happy half hour

Deciding whether to go to Sharkees or

Mac’s Com Cast Restaurant

It wasn’t Sharkees

It was Sparky’s Garage

For our meal of the night

Where a car is now a booth

A Studebaker hanging from the ceiling

Above a table being served

6:30 am and we’re on the road

This Thursday morning

Heated seats nice at Zero degrees

Bob could have used them during his

February month long

Below thirty deep freeze

Have my directions mixed up

I’m a quarter turn out

As if going east instead of north

The yellow rangeland of Montana

Eleven point five hours from Saskatoon

According to Barbara’s text

She’ll be there day after we’re home

For doctor appt

Then the pack and move

To Sherwood Park

Warren sends teddy bear hugs

Brett didn’t answer

Interesting road signs

Big Hole Battlefield, Moosehead

Over the continental divide again

Took picture of the sun rising

Has me wanting to sing

Field now covered in snow

Signs even covered in snow

6343 feet

Over continental divide again

Icy road conditions

Drifting snow

Minus seven up here

Ice on bridge it says

Every few minutes a bridge

We are behind a semi

One strip of highway

Mountains on either side

Covered with pines

Some mountains been cut

Other side drop off

Winding road

River at bottom

Snow at top

Not snowing now

Can see racing water

When can see

Another sunrise

Over the mountains

Sunglasses here you come

Through Great Falls

And a beautiful sunny day

Cloud fog or mist or something

Sun burning off the moisture

Now Brett and I catching up via text

Telling our roomie

We’re on our way home

Road drying out

Horses grazing

Boat going fishing

River up pretty good

Bales covered in plastic

Rocky type mountains

Cross Missouri River

Over and over

Eight bighorn sheep

Standing on the highway

As if deaf

Looking at pavement

Around the curve we come

Thank goodness

Spot to get through

Breathe again

Lodge pole pine, Douglas fir

Campgrounds, picnic areas

Trails, recreation

Green grass around yards

Looks like we will lose our sun

Dark clouds ahead

But turns out nice

They moved on


No snow last hour

And last stop at Shelby

Before border

Read short stories aloud

Compliments of my last writer group

I say last

Next year replaced by tennis time

Always change

Rotten egg smell coming off oil derricks

Half hour at border

Questioned less than a minute

What we Bought

What we’re Bringing

Where from

Good to go

Take pics of the scary thunderstorm

Out our front window

Hoping to get by

Drops hit windshield

Buckets must be coming down in the west

First fields being worked

Warner, Alberta

We dodge the storm

Eat last vegetable snacks

Rehash our winter

How it changed

From what we had planned

When we covered this ground

Last October

Bob’s Nov 8thheart attack

Changed our life

How grateful we are

Ten minutes from a heart hospital

Insurance still a question mark

Great experiences this winter

And here we are

This trip together

Can plan some more

Taber, Alberta

Finish our lunch

First train beside us

In over 2000 miles

Rain at Grassy Lake

Tea with Darcee in Medicine Hat

Hawks, crows, geese

Now some bison

In this fenced pastureland

Highway number one running through

No snow to be seen

Glimpse of green

White-faced Herford herd

Antelope on hillside by Walsh

First tractor seeding the land

Saskatchewan Naturally says the sign

Bob just misses a gopher

Black angus and antelope co-exist

Seven semi-loads of pipe

Going somewhere

One hundred ten train cars


Coal we wonder?

Stop for gas

Bob needs toque and coat

Says worst trip in ten years

Rancher on a horse

Bringing in cow and calf

Alkali around the sloughs

Sheep ranch

Hutterite colonies

Viterra inland terminal

Golf course with cart sheds

On open prairie by Gull Lake

Seven above and wind

SWT inland terminal

Sask Landing bridge repair

Beef barley soup and lasagna supper

At Rosetown

Feels like home

Seeing the prairie sky

Snow geese covering a field

Four deer

Right up against fence

Beside Harris

Jersey cows

Bumpy roads

Sun setting

Ducks gliding

Caragana winrow

8:30 home

After 14 hours on the road

Longest driving day we’ve ever had


Solid sleep

10pm – 5am

We are here

And happy we are.




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