61. Rainbow

                                       I spent many years healing. Emotional wounds translated into body pain. I began a study of body, mind and spirit and how it all fits together.  I have not scratched the surface of the subject.

                                       One thing I learned is we are made of energy and have seven main energy centres in our body. One is at the top of our head and another at the base of our spine. There are five energy centres in between.

                                       A main energy centre is the one close to the middle of our forehead at the top of the bridge of the nose. Some people call it the inner eye.

                                       Another is at my throat and allows me to give voice whether in writing or speaking. My heart energy centre or heart chakra as some people call them, connects to all the meridian lines of energy coming out to my hands sending love to all I do in the world.

                                       My power chakra or energy centre situated where my belly button is, helps me make clear and wise decisions when my energy is clear and balanced.

                                       There is one more chakra.  It is the one in my hip area; dead centre for the sexuality area of a man or woman’s body. It adds passion, sensuality and vitality to all we do as we are all sexual beings.

                                       What do these energy centres have to do with the rainbow? The seven chakras or energy centres are the colors of the rainbow.

                                       Just as some people can feel energy, as when someone is under the power line with a golf club and can feel and hear the energy, or someone doing massage, reiki or reflexology can feel the energy; there are others that can see energy.

                                      The base chakra or energy centre at the base of the spine is red. The sexuality chakra is orange, the power chakra yellow. Our heart chakra is green, throat chakra blue, our inner eye chakra is indigo and the opening at the top of our head is violet.

                                       We are so connected to all that is. When I am meditating, I bring in white light from the universe or God as we know it and bring that light down through the rainbow of each of my energy centres.

                                       Just as a rainbow is there after a storm, we can enjoy our rainbow within and reflect our light to others.


                                                          February 27, 2012

—-Ellen Sagh

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