167. Twinkling

            I wrote a story one time about a man coming to me in a meditation. He had the most intense twinkling blue eyes. It made me think of Santa Claus. Just the eyes. He didn’t look like Santa Claus but his face I can not forget. He looked old and wise.

            I thought of him as a guide. I wasn’t looking for one and he never said a word. I felt like he came just for me or because of me. I was okay with that.

            I often have things happen where I see what other people don’t. Sometimes I call them spiritual experiences. Other times paranormal.

            I began writing them down a few years ago. This summer I began putting them into book format. I think I have thirty-seven pages and was excited I had a project for the winter.

            The first week in Mesa the start button went on my computer. The second week my husband had a heart attack. We’re on the fourth week. We picked out a computer. The tech support was able to transfer my files from the hard drive to my new computer. Now my eyes are twinkling.

                                                            November 2018


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