132. Travelogue

     My travelogue will be about the day Bob and I took off for a drive not knowing where we would go. We left Saskatoon heading north and as we drove; we spoke of things we had heard about in northern Saskatchewan but neither had seen.

     Big beautiful lakes, forest sanctuaries, our famous Waskesiu which is part of the Prince Albert National Park. We headed a different way; through the parkland, lots of farming country, some marshland that seemed to have alkaline laden fields. Would anything ever grow here?

     Then we saw a sign: BIG TREE. We turned, headed down a gravel road; then another sign, TREE; with an arrow, onto a dirt road, until there was nowhere to go.  We stepped out of the car and followed a trail in a bush which we realized was close to a river bank and lo and behold, we found the biggest tree in Saskatchewan. There was no explanation or anything right there, but later, with some research, we determined that this is what we had just seen.

      We continued on our way and did find another “off the beaten path” find that did merit a sign.  But again, Saskatchewan does not do justice at advertising tourist destinations.

      We saw the “Twisted Trees”, or “Crooked Trees”, a grove of interwoven, interesting, scientifically unexplainable twisted trees.  If you look it up on Google, you will no doubt find what I’m talking about.

      It made for an interesting trip; gave us something to talk about and here, ten years later, something to write about.

                                                        January 25, 2016 – Ten Minute Writing –


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