34. Energy Transfer

I was visiting my sister in law at St. Paul’s sixth floor medicine on the weekend. As I was leaving told her I was going to send her healing energy as I played soft, gentle songs on the main floor piano. I told her I imagine sending healing energy all over the hospital as I play.

I went downstairs to the main floor piano and started playing what to me has been healing music in my life. I was on a song my friend wrote; not singing it; but playing the melody by ear, when a woman came around the corner asking, “What are you playing? It’s so beautiful; my family is just loving it.”

I said, “I’m sending healing vibes throughout the hospital. It’s a song my friend Carolyn McDade wrote and I’ll sing for you.”

I sang, “I am looking for healing. I long to heal.”

I played and sang, adding my words, “She is looking for healing. She longs to heal.”

The woman told me she had goose bumps from the time she heard the music; as I shared and sang; goose bumps were running up and down her body.

I thanked her for letting me know saying I appreciated hearing how it is for people listening.

It was a neat sharing.

June 29, 2019


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