77. Remember My Tools

Remember my tools

Breathe In Breath Out

Freshen up

Fresh air

Walk the earth

Lay on it

Search the Sky or Not

Fall Asleep

Lay On The Grass

Come Inside

Do Yoga


Hundreds of Relaxation ways

Being offered on the Internet

Music Sustains

Grounds, lifts

Carries me like the wind

To a new place

Organize or bake

Cook a great meal

Plan a time ahead

A party

I learn lots

Where I’m at

When I plan a party

My Tools are my touchstones of love

Things people have given

Memories of Happy Times

Heart Connection

Beauty of a Sunrise

I have photographs

Have time to organize

Do I need to

Others may enjoy

When I’m gone

I like to read

More than I write

Not happening lately

Have to honour that

As I enjoy this new Life

That is Here

In the Present

I get It

A gift

This Present Time

A Moment

To Remember

My Life on Display


        Seven minute writing March 25, 2020


—-Ellen Sagh

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