165. The Hometown Diner

      The small-town diner was a hive of activity this morning. It was mostly men and most were parents of the up and coming volleyball team. The young women were on their way to being provincial champions. It was just after nine and the opening serve would take place at 10. Just time enough for these six dads sitting around the table to theorize the best strategies for their daughters bringing the pennant home.

      They had been so close last year and it was time to get it back. The girls had worked so hard for this and college scholarships could be in the offing if all went well. As they spoke of who had the best chance, one of the men commented on the news media van that had just shown up. He said, “See I knew it would be big. They’ll be interviewing the winners. I was telling my daughter to be ready. She could be on TV tonight.”

      Another remarked that interviews were happening as they looked out the window. As a crowd gathered, curiosity got the better of them as all six streamed out of the diner.

They could not fathom what spread like wildfire. Four girls of the opposing team had been killed in a car accident the night before and all games were off.

      People continued to mill about as those dads hustled to the school gymnasium. The news filtered in as little bits and pieces added to the horror of the morning as all tried to come to terms with this tragic loss of life.

                                                        November 27, 2017 – Ten Minute Fiction Writing based on the truth of four young women being killed from next town on their way to the volleyball game I was to be part of when I was in high school.


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