13. Into Thin Air

I think into thin air rhymes with into thin air so I’ll tell you a story about the disappearing act of the summer.

I left here last year feeling incredibly content. If someone asked how my season in the south had been I told them, I’d call it my winter of content.

I completed my one year medical and was deemed fit as a fiddle.

I was home for about a month or so and out of the blue my hair began to fall out. It was disappearing into thin hair. All my life I had thick hair and mainly long thick hair.

The hair continued it’s disappearing act and when I started having patches of baldness and couldn’t stand it anymore, I phoned for a doctor’s appointment. I could not get in but was able to see a nurse practitioner which suited me fine. She was uncertain but suggested on the spot blood tests.

Next morning’s phone call advised I was Vitamin D toxic. My remarks to my hubby in June and July were back in my head. I would say to him, “It’s like my hair is burning” or “ Each hair on my head hurts.”

I had been on calcium with 800 mg Vitamim D Supplement in order that my bones be strong. The nurse practitioner suggested an immediate end to that program. I obliged.

I cancelled my daytime golf for August and September, moved my tennis indoors to the tennis dome and bought a few hats.

In October prior to heading south, I had another test. We are not back to normal but the toxicity is much less. My hair stopped falling out and I limit how much time I spend in the sun. I do not want to burn up and disappear into thin air.

November 20, 2017


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