172.  Home to Me 

     The first time I visited Viewpoint I was surprised because no one told me there were walls around it. I mistakenly said to one of Bob’s friends, “Today we left the compound.”

      I actually loved it here. I grew up in a family of twelve so about ten to twelve couples living here were couples from Bob’s golf course at home so it was like instant family. We stayed in a small older unit that we rented from three of those couples who had purchased it together for that purpose.

     Within a week of being here, we wandered around every day looking at units for sale. The desert felt like home to me and I have never regretted that we purchased a park model in 2009. It doesn’t matter where we live if it feels like home.

      A week Monday I will go home to be with my hubby for one day. The next I’ll be at a different home to lift my one and a half-year old granddaughter and receive hugs from the three and a half year old one.

      Bob and I will return together mid March to this home; and we will be able to drive home to Saskatchewan together. In the meantime, I will be thinking of you, the facilitator and all of you on writing club Mondays and in between as I’m grateful for the wonderful stories and experiences you have shared with me through the years.

It has fed me in more ways than one and contributed to my feeling at home wherever I am.

                    February 4, 2019 – Ten Minute Writing –


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