122. A High Place

     As I am a feeler, I right away connected with the words, “a high place” as an emotional high in my life.

     Twenty years ago, I was finishing university classes to be a social worker. I had the opportunity to complete a practicum for an organization that wanted to create services for sexual abuse survivors.

        Speaking of purpose and direction, it was everything I could want at that time. I was excited from the minute I heard about it until the minute it ended six months down the road.

         It was a tremendous success. I scored high on the grade scale. I learned lots about grass roots organizing and community development.

          For me the personal, one on one communicating, whether it be with survivors, service agencies, churches or community organizations worked best.

            If I could articulate the need and let people know how that need could be met, it was. People love to help, to assist, to be supportive. It was exciting as goals were set up and goals were met.

          Empowerment was a feeling that mushroomed and spread from person to person and outward into the community. It gave me transferable skills that I was later able to use in other endeavors and enjoy similar successes.

          Two such recent examples were raising funds for a community organization to assist arthritis sufferers and another to raise $ 75,000. 00 for the United Way.

                                                        November 16, 2015 – Ten Minute Writing –


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