152. Hiding an Easter Basket

          I do not remember playing or hiding in a closet.  We probably did; being there were ten children and I know we played hide and seek.  I can’t remember the closet in my parent’s bedroom.  I do remember the one in what we called the girl’s room.

           It was huge.  By today’s standards, it was not but to a young girl it seemed huge.  All seven of us girls had clothes in this closet and there were two top shelves the length of it. The boys had a closet too.  I don’t know what they put on the two top shelves of their closet. Their closet was much smaller than ours but there were only three boys so that made sense.

            When I think of a closet and hiding, what came to mind was an end closet made in the girl’s room.   It was from floor to ceiling and each shelf was about the size of a dresser drawer. There must have been twelve to fifteen shelves from floor to ceiling.  As children grew and the family changed, what was stored on each shelf changed.  Diapers at one time changed to my parent’s important papers at another.

         I do remember that each year it was a place you would look when you were searching for your Easter Basket.  With twelve people in an eight hundred square foot house, hiding places for twelve easter baskets was a bit of a challenge.

           That end closet was a place where at least one basket would probably be stuffed behind some clothing, blankets or papers.

           As one child went OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!, another would say “SHHHHHH- it’s not yours!” and off they’d run; thinking of where might be the next hiding place.

                                                        February 6, 2017 – Ten Minute Writing –


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